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What to expect at a first physiotherapy treatment?

Personal details form and consent to physiotherapy treatment will be completed.

A thorough assessment is done which documents your medical history and current condition/ailment. We like to have a comprehensive understanding of your injury, remember to bring any x-rays or referral letters to your appointment.

Education on the physiotherapist’s findings will be discussed with you and a treatment plan formulated to ensure the best outcome for you. Rehabilitation, advice and instruction on home management will always be given to facilitate your healing process.


Do I need a Doctors Referral to see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are first-hand practitioners which means you do not need a referral, however if you are referred by a Doctor please bring the referral letter to your first appointment, so we are able to make contact with your doctor.


How long will the treatment take?

A treatment session will last 30-45 minutes dependent on the condition/s


Do you accept medical aids?

Laxton Physiotherapy is a cash practice but you will receive an invoice that can be sent to your medical aid in order for them to refund you.  Amounts not refunded may be included in your annual income tax return as per the regulations from the South African Revenue Services.


How soon can I see you?

You may make an appointment online or give reception a call on 011-465 8846.


Will I be treated during my first consultation?

Yes, the initial consultation consists of an assessment as well as treatment.


Will I Be Given Exercises?

Yes, an individualised exercise programme consisting of various appropriate exercises will be given to you to do between treatments. Exercises given by your physiotherapist are important as they optimise your recovery.