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No More Mouth Breathing!

Physiotherapy for sinusitis
Not many people are aware that physios can help treat both acute and chronic sinusitis. The cause of the problem with sinusitis is the swelling of the lining of the nasal cavity. This stops the little hairs (cilia) that we have in the nasal cavity from pushing our mucus from the sinuses to back of the throat to be swallowed harmlessly into our stomachs.
A physiotherapist has two aims while treating sinuses. The first is to decrease the swelling of the nasal lining, allowing the cilia to push the mucus as per normal. The second aim is to aid in the speed of the drainage. We do this by decreasing the viscosity of the mucus. Often when there’s an infection involved; our mucus becomes thick which make it more difficult for the cilia to push it down to the throat.
After your treatment, you will find yourself swallowing a lot of mucus in a short amount of time.  I know that this sounds gross, but you’ll will survive. This kind of treatment is often one where you have to feel worse to feel better. Once you’ve got through the first hour after your treatment, you’ll start to feel human again and swear to yourself that you’ll never take a clear nose for granted again.
Keep Moving,